About Me

Yo! I'm Brandi. I'm a 23 year old gal from Louisiana trying to get into vet school, who loves to bake and cook in her spare time. The recipes I share on here are ones that I have tried and 100% approve of. Most of the recipes I use were found via Tastespotting, Pinterest, from friends/family, or from one of my fave blogs. 

I enjoy making meals from scratch, but occasionally use some pre-made ingredients. Baking treats is my favorite, but I've found myself making more meals ever since the above fella came into my life. I include my own pictures of each step in the recipes to help show you what yours should look like. Please bear with my funky pictures... I use my iPhone.

I hope you enjoy all these recipes and make some on your own! Feel free to email me with any questions. 

email: brandirroberts@gmail.com